Got 'er Done

by lesley // posted on Mar 14, 2016

This is where we left off February 29th.

Sunlight spilling through the window onto the floor inspired me to paint this subject but I wanted the painting to be more than just a pretty picture.

I decided to introduce a masculine/feminine dichotomy for an interesting narrative. 


The man's razor strop and antique shaving mirror on the bureau contrast with the feminine floral touch on the opposing chair.

A cowhand enters his sleeping quarters after a sweltering, exhaustive, dust choked day, driving cattle.  All he longs for is a hearty meal, a hot bath and dreamless sleep.

The flowers weren't there when he left at sun-up that morning.

Boots under the bed, head on the pillow, he drifts off wondering who had entered during his absence, mysteriously leaving a bouquet of wildflowers.

A Woman's Touch
oil on canvas

It's been fun having you along on the construction site.  It gives you a peek into my process and purpose.  A painting doesn't really come alive for me until I'm able to share it with you so thanks for the company.

BTW: Any idea who left the flowers and why? 



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