Workshop Recap

by lesley // posted on Mar 28, 2016

Having always done research in advance, I have yet to leave a workshop feeling as though I had wasted time and money.  While teaching this workshop, one goal was to ensure that my students walk away with the same sense of satisfaction.

I confess, it was a little daunting and I felt somewhat presumptuous walking into a room of already experienced artists and wondered if I was up to the task of imparting new and fresh information.  I was welcomed by a group of fun, enthusiastic, receptive and generous creatives who immediately eased my anxiety.

15 brave warriors holding their value studies (stage 3)

The approach for this Painting a Landscape workshop was to introduce a reliable, four stage process they could adapt to any subject.  The four stages included:

  1. planning
  2. initial sketch
  3. value study
  4. applying colour            

Although this was a new concept to every artist present, each one took up the challenge and bravely forged ahead.

Here are just a few samples of their accomplishments at the end of the second session:






Unfortunately space doesn't allow room for all 15 little masterpieces but I assure you the others are as unique and creative as these few chosen at random. 

While working alone in the studio, it's easy to forget the existence of spirit found in spending time with likeminded, lifelong learners.  I credit this group with reminding me of something I needed reminding of. 



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