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by lesley // posted on Jul 18, 2016

Oak Lake, a farming community SW of Winnipeg, was the home of my paternal grandparents.  The whole population of 450, anticipated her arrival. (Twitter has nothing over the speed of the old telephone party lines). 

Some came out of curiosity no doubt, but whatever their motivation, everybody was kind, welcoming and helpful. 

Teacup #5
6 x 6 oil on panel

There were countless things to which these brides had to adapt.  Mum's initiation began in earnest since she arrived at harvest time.  Feeding thrashing gangs, driving grain trucks, dust, dirt and outhouses, all came with the Canadian experience.  As was and still is her custom, she took it all in stride.

With financial aid from the Veterans Rehabilitation Act, servicemen could opt to receive a university education upon their return. 

That fall they moved to the Universtiy of Manitoba where they spent the next six years living on campus in an army hut while Dad obtained a degree in agriculture.  Upon graduation, they moved to British Columbia where he spent several years as District Agriculturist for the Canadian National Railway.

Although she lost the love of her life to Lupus at the age of 66, Iris has soldiered on, accepting and enjoying everything life has offered. 

Teacup #6
6 x 6 oil on panel

Now, at 97, she continues to consume tea daily. 

I savour each cup we share aware that any one of them may be our last.


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