Porky Surprise

by lesley // posted on Nov 14, 2016

Just as I was entering her driveway, I heard an odd noise immediately behind me.  It wasn't a loud noise, nor was it scary...just strange.  I turned to investigate.  Imagine my surprise at being confronted by a miniature pig.

I encouraged it to come further but he froze in place.  Snout upturned as if to say:  "Nope, this is as close as I come."  I began walking again, he followed.  I scanned the neighbourhood hoping to spot a collaborative witness to ensure I wasn't losing my mind.  No one was around to confirm or deny it.

This little piece of bacon on hoof, followed me right to the door.  When I went inside, he trotted off down the street.  Seemed to know exactly where he was going.

This unexpected meeting made my day - for no other reason than it was, well...unexpected.

I liken this encounter to attending an art exhibit.  The walls are loaded.  You're overwhelmed.  You become complacent and less aware as you complete your tour of the space.  I've seen it all before...yawn...why did I come...yawn and then're jarred awake! You're revived by some unexpected visual stimuli.  You feel alive, curious, drawn in and grateful to be there.

We never know when the mundane might transform to the fascinating.  The next time I attend an art exhibit, I promise to be more aware of potential magic lurking nearby.

Don't you agree it's not grand laid out plans, it's these serendipitous experiences that make a day special?  If you have one to relate, go ahead and share it in the comments box.

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