Workshop Recap

by lesley // posted on Mar 27, 2017

workshop on the other hand is where you learn a particular artist's method.  It is assumed you already know how to handle your medium.  You'll often feel like your struggling...that's because you are, but it's important to soldier on.  Yes, it's tempting to fall back on your familiar, comfortable, personal approach.  But why waste time and money on a workshop if you're not open to growth? 

It was a pleasure spending time with this merry band of talented, engaged artist-students who decided to take a chance on my recent workshop "Bringing Textures to Life".  We had plenty of fun!

I'm hoping everyone of them walked away with something that will help them along their artistic path.  Their challenging questions stretched me and kept me on my toes.  In teaching there is ultimately learning, consequently I'm also enriched.

There's only room enough here to post a random sampling of their accomplishments BUT Friday of this week, March 31, from 7-9pm, the members of this Artist's Co-Op are hosting an Open House and you're invited.  There you will be able to see their finished workshop pieces as well as many other works they have produced. 





What has been your workshop experience?  Dream or nightmare?  Leave your comments below.



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