Black Is Black

by lesley // posted on Jun 12, 2017

Have you ever thought about how much money is made from artists?  There is a long list of 'others' who make a buck from the work we create.

Art suppliers, framers, competition fees, authors of hardcover/e-books, webmasters, podcasters, video/workshop instructors, fairs, trade shows, art coaches, magazines, couriers, shipping suppliers...the list goes on.

Some of these 'others' can simply be eliminated outright.  Some are essential. Some we use on occasion.

We need to customize how we spend our art income by becoming adept at allocating our limited funds to best serve our careers.  For instance, I would give up a desired instruction video before compromising the quality of my materials or the framing I choose.

Artists run small businesses.  We don't have the power, influence, political clout, media coverage or assets of the mega corporations BUT we do have one precious advantage over the conglomerates...our humanity.  We connect with individuals as opposed to the masses. This is rare and valuable.

Often we want to believe the hucksters who promise they will bring our creative dreams to fruition if we follow their formula - the one sure thing that will turn it all around for us.

How do I know this?

My list of ill spent dollars is long.  On the upside, wisdom was gained.  Be wary. Do your research.  Avoid the "fast track approach".

Experience hasn't eliminated the colour red from every month end but it has at least narrowed the gap between the black and the red.

It's satisfying to have made enough mistakes to now have a clear picture of how I want to reinvest my earnings in order to keep my collectors and myself happy.

How about you?  Any wisdom to share as to how you keep things balanced?



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