When The Wheels Fall Off

by lesley // posted on Nov 27, 2017

Typically, when I've had more than two weeks away from the easel, I anticipate a visit from the "little me", the voice that tells me I've forgotten everything I've ever learned.  I actually used to listen to this moron.

Following a forced absence, I now renew my confidence and silence the negative voice by simply going to the studio and playing.  No expectations.  No promises. 

Here's how I got my mojo back:

I wanted to express the joy of feeling whole again. I felt "happier than a pig in s--t".  I grabbed a small support and started playing.  Within minutes I began to appreciate the effects of simply showing up.  The rest took care of itself. 


She is kinda' adorable isn't she :)

Susan you're so right on about playing being therapeutic - glad the pig made you smile.

I love the piggy!

Playing is so therapeutic...and this pig is hilarious!

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