How Sweet It Is!

by lesley // posted on Jan 29, 2018

the most complicated and rewarding experience of your day.

Why is it like this?

Perhaps it's because the act of creativity demands so much of who we are.

Painting requires us to see, think, feel and perform complicated physical tasks all at the same time, striving for something meaningful, striving to make order out of the raw material that is paint.  There is nothing else that we do that is so all-encompassing.

Is this why, once painting is a practice in our lives, we are driven to pursue it?  Not because it leads to National Gallery-worthy work, but because it feels so good to be so alive.  

This has nothing to do with making good paintings and everything to do with the act of painting itself.

But making a good one is soooo sweet! 

(topic borrowed from Robert Gamblin's January newsletter).




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