Giving You The Finger (Update)

by lesley // posted on Feb 12, 2018

No idea if the tendons are healing under this splint but I'm 5 weeks in with 3 to go before we'll know for sure.  The Coflex (yup the stuff used to wrap horse wounds) is changed daily and I must be extremely careful not to bend the finger at the injured joint or we're back to week 1. 

Art is the highest form of hope.

While painting is still possible, I'm slow and a little clumsier than usual but I've been putting the finishing touches on some small pieces without any trouble.  

11 X 14
original oil on cradled wood panel
(image is wrapped around edges - no framing necessary)

Before injuring my finger I had some major work underway and long to get back to it ASAP.  In the meantime, I'll have no trouble entertaining myself in the studio and keeping in touch with y'all. 

How have you dealt with set backs when thrown off course unexpectedly?  


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