Fearless painting.

by lesley // posted on Mar 26, 2018

While giving a workshop, I noticed one of the students stood a head above the others.  Not because she was necessarily the best painter in the group but because she painted with abandon.

Unafraid to experiment with design, composition, colour and brushwork.  I admired her courage and thought: "While teaching a class I'm learning too...what a gift!"

10 Suggestions to overcome fear while painting.

  1. Stay detached from the outcome.  No one's life hangs in the balance if the final result doesn't meet your vision.

  2. Trust your instincts...don't over think the process or worry whether or not anyone is going to like it or buy it.

  3. You're never wasting're learning.

  4. enjoy painting.  If you didn't you'd be doing something with a health care plan and pension attached.

  5. You're not working in stone.  You can always make changes.

  6. Always start with a plan but if you find the work is leading you in a different direction, flow with it.

  7. The only one who ever has to know that you didn't meet your expectations is you.

  8. Don't beat yourself up over a perceived 'failure'.  Take another run at it.  The next one could be your best painting yet.

  9. Remember the rules...then break them purposefully.

  10. Paint like nobody is watching.  Paint with abandon.  It's a beautiful thing.



You're welcome Kris. Yah, there are some things that are so difficult to master, fear being one of them.

Thanks for this, Lesley! Terrific reminders even for those of us who have been painting for what feels like eons!

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