When Doubt Creeps In

by lesley // posted on Mar 13, 2018

I reserve the right to be wrong here.  Self critique isn't 100% fool proof, that's for damn sure.  

Eventually my conclusion was that there was very little temperature change in the colours.  Over 3/4's of the painting is warm so without cools to contrast with the warm, it's boring.  I did particularly like how the trees were rendered in the background though so was a little uncomfortable going ahead.

Further observation left me unable to find anything else that really bothered my eye so I decided to change the time of day.

I began by changing the sky and allowing it to take up a little more space.  The moon was added to determine time of day.  I then had to make decisions about how moonlight would influence the trees, hay field and bales.  

I've ended up with a painting that is now predominantly cool - sheesh! - what's a painter to do?  However, I personally find the moonlit piece more interesting but when I asked my husband's opinion, he preferred the original one surprised

What changes would you have made or would you have left it alone? 

PS:  Those of you who attended last weekend's 'Composition and Design' workshop might have a few comments about those two elements.  This was painted prior to the workshop.


Thanks Pat. Fun to hear others responses & how they differ. Although I slash my disappointments, I may just join you around that bonfire someday - I'd have many to contribute.

Here is my take on the painting. I liked the original the best. Maybe because I have a photo that is similar. On my list to do some day. I think it's the composition that I would want to play with. Perhaps bring the tree line up it's a bit half in half. Also the bales are close to the same size. For the color I would have just deepen the darks a little bit. something like that. I have lots of unfinished works that I might wreck someday. Maybe have a bonfire and burn them, while drinking a glass of wine.

Good feedback Erin, I agree, we can never lose sight of the bigger picture. BTW, I think you will continue to surprise me for as long as I know you :)

To me, it's about the journey rather than the finished piece. I like all three because of that. It's neat to see the process of play from another person. You won't be surprised to hear that I'm totally fine with 'ruining' a painting in order to see what else is possible. Of course, you'

Thank you both for your input. This is exactly what I wanted - individual opinions and the reasoning behind them. Thanks. Hope to hear from more people.

After looking at all three paintings, I think I would have made the sky more blue (than the first one), and defined the path/road with darker colours. And if it's not a path, I would have made one! But that is just me. Thanks for the challenge Lesley.

Hi Lesley I'm afraid I'm with your husband on this one. My preference is the original painting; no snow and lots of warm colour

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