A Gift That Never Quits Giving

by lesley // posted on Apr 23, 2018

Here it is: Introduce a friend to an art museum/gallery...kicking and screaming if necessary but get them inside - the rest is magic.

Show them that art museums do not have to intimidate.  There is nothing to fear in not "knowing" anything about art.  In fact, not knowing is a good thing.  A fresh mind allows alive, innocent looking and virgin responses to what is seen.

While visiting France and Spain some years back, I cajoled my disinterested traveling companion into the Louvre in Paris, not quite kicking and screaming but his enthusiasm was definitely underwhelming.  As we wandered among the works, I imparted my limited knowledge of stories behind some of the more famous works and as much as I could about the artist.

An hour passed quickly.  I was ready for lunch.  He wasn't.  A single visit to a museum and his world was permanently altered.  Next stop...Spain...and wouldn't you know it - first stop on his list - The Prado.  This friend has since developed a deep appreciation for art and now knows far more art history than I ever will.

Museums are definitely not on everyone's radar, that's for sure but if it's on yours, you know first hand how life-changing they can be.  What a gift to pass your passion on to another so they too can experience the joy art can bring into ones life.

When you get a chance, don't miss the opportunity to drag a "non-believer" into a gallery or museum - they may even thank you later.  


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