Robert's List

by lesley // posted on May 9, 2016

This list is just one of many gifts in Robert's legacy to artists worldwide.

  1. Compositional integrity - a composition that knows its edges, balances internally and works in the "big picture".

  2. Sound craftsmanship - work looks like it is not liable to fall apart shortly.

  3. Colour sensitivity- appears to have an understanding of colour choices.

  4. Creative interest- subject is creatively different so that it attracts, leads and holds my attention.

  5. Design control - artist appears to have an understanding of how the eye is led by design and flow.

  6. Artistic flair- artist does something beyond blind representation and/or just moving the materials around in some form of lazy play.

  7. Expressive intensity - all stops are pulled to enhance the central idea.

  8. Professional touch - artist avoids amateur methodology and gives a direct, confident, seasoned look to the work.

  9. Surface quality - up close the surface is intriguing and a joy to cruise.

  10. Intellectual depth - artist gives me something to think about.

  11. Visual distinction - the art has a look of uniqueness, either with style, subject matter or handling.

  12. Technical challenge - artist has chosen something that requires above average skills or technical ability.

I can't claim my work always meets any or all of these standards.  

But I do have the list hanging near my easel and continue to aspire to them. 

PS:  Not only is this an artist's check list but useful to collectors too, who are interested in the level of skill behind the signature of a particular artist's work you are considering aquiring. 


Thanks for passing it along Simonne - I think this list would be beneficial to all our creative efforts.

I printed this to share and it is a great guideline. Thanks, Simonne

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