Got 'er Done

by lesley // posted on Mar 14, 2016

This is where we left off February 29th.

Sunlight spilling through the window onto the floor inspired me to paint this subject but I wanted the painting to be more than just a pretty picture.

I decided to introduce a masculine/feminine dichotomy for an interesting narrative. 


The man's razor strop and antique shaving mirror on the bureau contrast with the feminine floral touch on the opposing chair.

A cowhand enters his sleeping quarters after a sweltering, exhaustive, dust choked day, driving cattle.  All he longs for is a hearty meal, a hot bath and dreamless sleep.

The flowers weren't there when he left at sun-up that morning.

Boots under the bed, head on the pillow, he drifts off wondering who had entered during his absence, mysteriously leaving a bouquet of wildflowers.

A Woman's Touch
oil on canvas

It's been fun having you along on the construction site.  It gives you a peek into my process and purpose.  A painting doesn't really come alive for me until I'm able to share it with you so thanks for the company.

BTW: Any idea who left the flowers and why? 


Thanks Jocelyn. You might be right about the secret admirer:) I was thinking it could have been the scullery maid, the cook, or even his mother no less. Takes a poet to put a romantic spin on it and I hope you're right!

Love the story and the painting. I think a secret admirer left the flowers.

So nice to hear from you Mary, thank you. Yes, I find I like to attach a narrative to a painting if possible - just adds a little interest for both the viewer and myself.

It's lovely Lesley. I loved the little story.

Thanks so much Cecilia and by the way, congratulations on being one of the artists chosen for the Citizen's 100th Anniversary Alphabet Project. Look forward to seeing your work on the front page!

Very beautiful, Lesley!

Nice to have you along Shannon. Appreciate you letting me know you've found value in following the progression of this painting.

I have so enjoyed the evolving of this beautiful painting and what you were thinking along the way. Thanks so much Lesley.

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