Size Matters

by lesley // posted on Apr 25, 2016

In this case, size does matter.  I'm talking about the size of a painting and it's ability to fit the space you'd like it to hang.

Large spaces are easily accommodated.  You can hang one large piece or artfully arrange a medley of smaller pieces that speak to one another.  You can choose a triptych of verticals or a looong horizontal.  The options are only limited by your imagination. about the narrow, blank walls between doorframes, windows or other awkward spaces in our homes?  How do we utilize their potential? 

This painting, fresh off the easel, may prove to be a solution to that problem:


oil on canvas

April's newsletter (which I'd better get out to you this week or I'll have to rename it), will contain a larger image of this piece.  I'll include the frame in the photo as well because it's a particularly lovely one.

Note: You may have noticed that when I introduce a new piece in a blog, I often reintroduce the same piece in that month's newsletter.  The reason for this is to cover all bases as subscribers tend to read one or the other or both.


That's a really nice one. Amazing how you can do a horse justice even with making it such a slender painting.

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