Romance. Is It Dead?

by lesley // posted on Nov 28, 2016

...let's reflect on this remarkable, elusive, mysterious phenomenon we call romance.

Sure, there's the conventional flowers, candles, chocolates, dinner and commercial greeting cards, but with a little extra thought we can avoid falling into these tired, repetitive, cultural ruts, right?

Our busy lives seduce us into inertia.  But you want to be recognized for how special you are because the calendar dictates on the 14th of February, it's time for a romantic gesture?

A few things I would trade a dozen roses for in a heartbeat:

  • uninterrupted, empathic listening
  • initiative in planning time together
  • support, enthusiasm for the others interests
  • going out of one's way to make his/her day a little easier
  • unprompted, authentic compliments

Romance is intelligence, awareness and effort that combine to convey the right message, at the right time, to the right person. 

Now, here's the opportunity that initiated this introspection: 

Ted Price, director/set designer and Anne Laughlin, producer, are bringing another Miracle Theatre Production, The Last Romance, to Prince George. 

What:    live, professional theatre starring Billy Vickers

When:   February 17 - March 5, 2017

Where:  ArtSpace - tickets now available at Books & Co. or phone 563-6637

Why:     to help fund new cancer clinic equipment - all monies raised to remain in PG 

So is romance dead?  Naw...I don't believe so.  It just falls asleep once in a while.   Awaken it by surprising your sweetheart with tickets to this romantic comedy while supporting a worthwhile cause.  Now that's romantic!


Yes...and I love the way you slide in a promotion for the play!😄

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