Workshops - Why Bother?

by lesley // posted on Feb 6, 2017

Signing up for a workshop - what's in it for me?
  • insights gained from working alongside other artists
  • break in routine - gets you out of the studio
  • guidance from an instructor whose feedback you trust
  • problem solving with like minded people
  • discovering fresh possibilities
  • if you're a beginner, a workshop is a great way to launch yourself into the art world and beat the fear

 The right workshop - how do I choose?
  • to gain full advantage of any workshop you need the right fit
  • what is the skill level required, beginner/intermediate/advanced?
  • are you familiar with the medium being taught?
  • is the painting style right for you?  if you're after abstract expressionism  why waste time with realistic representation?
  • is the workshop fee within my comfort range? - particularly important when planning on traveling a long distance to participate - kick your research up a notch to be as sure as possible not to disappoint
  • if the workshop is outside Canada, there's extensive research to be done regarding material air travel restrictions etc.

 What can I expect from a workshop?
  • insist on honest feedback from the instructor
  • sometimes artists only want to hear positive things about their work - don't be one of these people - you'll never get better from compliments
  • you can't be thin skinned if you expect to grow - you've invested the time and money to be there, don't waste it by resisting constructive criticism
  • if given a suggestion about how a certain area of your painting might be improved, listen up, resist the urge to defend
  • be open to all possibilities during the workshop, it's guaranteed you'll leave with something of value if you remain open 
This last thought applies to both workshop participants AND instructors:
  1. I will be giving an oil painting workshop themed Bringing Textures to Life at the Artist's Co-Op March 18 and 25, 2017.
  2. As of February 1st there were 2 spaces left of the 14 available.
  3. Call the Artist's Co-Op (250)962-0030 if you're interested.


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