Yours, Mine and Ours

by lesley // posted on Apr 10, 2017

A couple visits your studio. They have the means to buy and have already agreed on the perfect spot to hang when they return home. But...there's a glitch.

One of them quickly zeros in on a piece that enchants them. On the opposite wall, their partner has been captivated by an entirely different painting. They attempt to convince one another that "their" choice is the best one. They can't agree. They leave the studio without a painting (and possibly without speaking).

In a perfect world, both parties would be equally taken with the same work of art,congratulate one another on their find, hardly able to contain their excitement. Like I said: "In a perfect world."

Don't file for divorce yet. There is a remedy to this dilemma.

The first trip to the gallery, artist's studio, or art fair, one member of the couple gets to choose a painting. The other graciously concedes. On their next art excursion, the other person gets to choose which painting goes home with them.

If one of the two really doesn't like the choice their partner made, the painting can hang in a private space such as a den or office.

On the special occasion when they find that incredible painting they both adore, they proudly display it in a prominent place for both to enjoy. They call it "our painting" a symbol of found common ground.

This way each one can cherish a work of art that speaks directly to them and also treasure some works as a couple.

It may be as simple as having a piece reframed or asking the artist to paint a subject that will please both.

So give this solution some thought before getting the lawyers involved, which would, no doubt, be much more costly than any artwork you may acquire.

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