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photo - June 2020

Lesley White (nee Milne) was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and spent her early years on her grandparents farm in Oak Lake. Her work is a collection of witnessed or experienced events in the life of the cowboy, the daily challenges faced, the physical labour, connection to family and land.

Her rural beginnings connect her to the core of this lifestyle and although life's path took her on an urban journey for a time, the feel, smell, and vision of ranching was always with her. It was those senses that eventually pulled her back to her roots.

Lesley holds a deep respect and admiration for people who have chosen this tough but rewarding way of life and hopes that she can contribute to its preservation by eternalizing it through her work as a visual artist.

Time spent in the saddle and painting outdoors are the two main methods used to gather photographic references and to paint colour studies in order to later compose a painting in her studio. Experimentation with various mediums has resulted in her choosing oil paint to best express the excitement and passion she feels toward her subject. Lesley continues to learn and grow through the use of books, workshops, and by simply putting miles on the brush every day.

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  • First Place - December 2019, "FCA Squared" - Group Exhibition - Prince George, BC
  • Honourable Mention - May 2019, FCA/Central Interior Chapter - Prince George, BC
  • AFCA Designation - March 2019, Fed. of Canadian Artists - Vancouver, BC
  • Honourable Mention - May 2018, Fed. of Canadian Artists - Vancouver, BC
  • Legacy Collection Ducks Unlimited Canada - June 2017 - Toronto, ON - Remuda  
  • Best of Show - March 2016, Art of the West Show and Sale - Kamloops, BC
  • Selected - Ducks Unlimited 2014 National Art Print Portfolio - Canada
  • People's Choice - March 2011, Art of the West Show and Sale - Kamloops, BC
  • Second & Third Places - Horses In Art 2010 cover competition
  • Finalist - 26th Annual Artist's Magazine Competition 2009 - animal/wildlife category
  • Second Place - Horses In Art 2008 cover competition.
  • Selected - Ducks Unlimited 2008 National Art Print Portfolio - Canada
  • Finalist - 24th Annual Artist's Magazine Competition 2007 - animal/wildlife category
  • Honourable Mention - Horses In Art 2007 cover competition.
  • Selected - Ducks Unlimited 2007 National Art Print Portfolio - Canada
  • Finalist - 23rd Annual Artist's Magazine Competition 2006 - animal/wildlife category
  • Honourable Mention for Artistic Excellence - Salon International 2006, Texas
  • Jury's Top 50 - Salon International 2006, Texas
  • Selected - Ducks Unlimited 2006 National Art Print Portfolio - Canada

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